About us

Rabafruits, this modest project started with enthusiasm and hope in the year 2003, after more than 25 years of experience in companies in the sector with high ranking in the national and international market.

We have subdivisions all over Europe, making us one of the most competitive companies in the sector. In Rabafruits believe in people, that are why we have qualified and involved workers in all our offices in Poland, Greece and Ukraine. We also have collaboration contracts with great retailers in Germany, Holland and England.

In Spain, we have the best brands in all kinds of citrus, vegetables and summer fruits.

We always seek the best quality in all the goods that we buy. Cities like Seville, Almeria, Murcia, Valencia, Lleida and Tarragona produce much of goods we export. Many food companies in the entire Mediterranean coast qualify safe and reliable sale for our customers.

Our goal from the beginning is not to sell more but sell better.

Rabafruits,  Importación y Exportación de frutas y verduras


At present Rabafruits is focused on the following products:


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  • Jara Carrillo Street, 1 ground floor
    30006 - Puente Tocinos (Murcia)
    Telephone number: 968 200 872
    FAX: +34 968 201 188


  • Paco Rabadan.
    Email: paco@rabafruits.com
    Telephone number: +34 680 411 268
  • Ramón Rabadan.
    Telephone number: +34 680 411 267


  • Email:juan@rabafruits.com

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